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American Casualties Likely Result of Obama Closing GITMO

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The evidence is loud and clear.  The anti-American, anti-military pressure to close the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center is endangering American lives.  We have to persuade the Congress to stop President Obama from continuing this suicidal policy of treating terrorists like neighborhood pickpockets.

Does it make any sense at all to be releasing people just so that they can get back to their terrorist ways and continue plotting attacks against the United States?  

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Since his election President Obama has been scurrying around trying to find a way to close Gitmo to fulfill his campaign promise to the Code Pink and Move-On left wing organizers of his presidential campaign.  This constant pressure even affected the Bush Administration that released far too many Gitmo detainees.  There already are reports that at least 61 of them have returned to the battlefield to kill Americans.

Obama wants to continue to send these dangerous detainees back to their home countries, or EVEN TO THE UNITED STATES, which is a crazy idea.  These other countries don’t have the interest we do in keeping these hardened terrorists behind bars. Time after time they escape after being returned to their home country.

The NY Times (of all places) reported today that the Saudi Arabian government had re-arrested 9 people who had been released from their “terrorist rehabilitation program” after it came out last week that 2 other men they had released joined up with Al Qaeda in Yemen.

This is a stark reminder of a lesson which we cannot forget – once a terrorist, always a terrorist! The men that our troops are standing guard over at Gitmo are DANGEROUS and here are 9 men that the Saudis thought were non-threatening, some of whom had been to Gitmo before, and still they returned to terrorism.

Please help us SAVE GITMO so that our troops

Obviously the terrorists were effective at convincing the Saudis that they were no longer extremists.  But, as soon as they were let go they attempted to join Al Qaeda again and were arrested.

Last week we found out that another former Gitmo detainee, Said Ali al-Shihri, had been released from Gitmo, was sent back to Saudi Arabia where he then traveled to Yemen and joined Al Qaeda there as one of their top commanders.

In a video relating to this new position, Shihri proclaimed,

“By Allah, imprisonment only increased our persistence in our principles
for which we went out, did jihad for, and were imprisoned for”

Shihri was a terrorist when he was brought to Gitmo, he was released on the promise that he would go home to Saudi Arabia and run his parent’s furniture shop, but when he was released it was clear that Shahri was STILL A TERRORIST.

Are you going to let Obama decide that more of these terrorists are not a danger to society? Are we going to let these terrorists go back to their home countries only see them released and back to their terrorist ways? 

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continue our campaign to SAVE GITMO.

Words cannot express how important Guantanamo Bay is to our national security. Detainees there give up vital information that helps our troops win the War on Terror and complete their missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But closing the base and moving these terrorists to other countries increases the possibility that they will go free. Some liberal politicians here in America have said that these Gitmo detainees are “no more dangerous than any other prisoner.” We can see from these and many other examples that they ARE more dangerous because once released they go right back to plotting bombings and attacks against targets in the U.S. and worldwide.

Please help us put pressure on President Obama to keep GITMO OPEN and keep the terrorists BEHIND BARS. America has enjoyed safety here because the previous administration was able to keep us safe from another 9/11. Do not wait for America to learn the hard way again.

The worst thing is that the alternative Obama is considering is bringing these hardened criminals into the United States.  How long will it take before the ACLU lawyers and liberal judges start demanding that we release these terrorists into the United States because we didn’t give them their rights or were too mean to them on the battlefield?

This is a battle for the security of the United States and even your own neighborhood.  Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, Camp Pendleton, California, are a couple of places they are looking to put these terrorists.  Other prisons and military installations around the country are being considered


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