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New World Order? Biden’s on Board!

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By Brian K. Lutes

 It is THE HARD TRUTH  that these United States of America are being, and have been, led down the primrose path to destruction by the very people we have elected. Face up to it!

 Many people have heard the term “New World Order” (NWO), but how many understand what it means?

 Unfortunately, many equate the term only with professional wrestling due to a fighting “tag team” duo named The New World Order. Others who know nothing of pro wrestling and have heard the term believe it is some crazy conspiracy theory about the United Nations taking over the world cooked up by goofy religious zealots.

 The New World Order is not a crazy theory. It is however, a conspiracy, and it most certainly does exist.

 In a nutshell, the NWO will be the culmination of actions that have been and are being taken by the political power-brokers of not only our country, but from around the world.

 In the NWO, there will be no sovereign nations. There will be no borders. There will be no paper or metal monies. There will be no U.S. Constitution or any of the God given rights it protects. And there will be absolutely no worshipping of Jesus Christ permitted.

 All rights will emanate from and be exercised at the will of a one world government. If there is any worshipping to be done, it is mother Earth that will be worshipped through the goddess of  nature, Gaia.

 The United Nations (UN) World Summit known as Earth Summit 2, officially called the Summit on Sustainable Development, was held in Johannesberg, South Africa on September 11, 2002  (The first Earth Summit was held in 1992 in Rio De Janeiro). At the Summit in Johannesberg the festivities opened with children forming a human tower (of Babel?) and singing beneath a huge globe; the Earth Charter ( visit  was released as the new 10 Commandments.

 Those that are implementing the NWO do not believe that the majority of people on this planet are not capable of adequately governing themselves and that they have a divine right to rule the world.

 The problem the would be rulers have is that the people they believe can’t govern themselves outnumber them and they don’t want to surrender themselves to a small group of rulers that will control every aspect of their lives from far, far away land.

 So if the people who can’t govern themselves won’t consent to a change in world order, the change will have to be put upon them by stealth. This is already being done!

 There are many “secret societies” in our world; there always have been. (see The Secret Societies Handbook by Michael Bradley printed exclusively for Barnes & Noble, Inc by Gusto Company AS (2004)). The people within these societies are the installers of the NWO. They meet in secret, decide what needs to be done, and then go back to their public lives and jobs and implement the decisions that were agreed to in the secret meetings. The same thing is done in small town America by the members of the local Rotary & or the Chamber of Commerce.

 One of the first secret societies to admit to aims for control of a world order was The Order of Illuminati, a Luciferian society founded by Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776. Weishaupt is quoted as saying: ” Do you realize sufficiently what it means to rule – to rule in a secret society? Not only over the lesser or more important of the populace, but over the best men, over men of all ranks, nations, and religions, to rule without external force, to unite them indissolubly, to breathe one spirit and soul into them, men distributed over all parts of the world. The Order will rule the world. Every member therefore becomes a ruler. we all think of ourselves as qualified to rule. It is therefore an alluring thought both to good & bad men. Therefore the order will spread.”

 Another secret society is the Order of Skull & Bones .This society is rooted at Yale University and its members include George H. W. Bush (GWHB), the 41st President of these United States, U.S. Senator John Kerry, former Presidential candidate, and George W. Bush (GWB), the 43rd President of these United States. The book referenced above, The Secret Societies Handbook, has on page 104, a picture of GHWB carrying GWB on his shoulders on the campus of Yale University.

 The interesting point about this society is that it is obviously non partisan, the Bushes are Republican & Kerry is a Democrat. But in reality all of the groups pushing the NWO are bi-partisan. It doesn’t matter what political party they are in. All that matters is that the NWO continues moving forward.

 This brings me to Senator Joe Biden. Our, as of this writing, current Vice President elect. I hear so many people saying they voted for Biden & Obama because they aren’t like President Bush; they’re for the little people. And, they actually believe this non-sense.

 Well, please allow me to again to slap them in the face with a hard dose of reality.

 On April 23, 1992 on page A 15 of The Wall Street Journal there appeared an Opinion piece entitled “How I learned to Love the New World Order” authored by none other than that champion of the little people, Joe Biden.

 In his article Biden describes himself as a solid “internationalist” who believes in the doctrine of “collective security” under the “U.N. Charter”. He goes on to say that U.S. tax dollars that were allocated to the Pentagon for the U.S. military should have been diverted to the UN  to meet the more urgent needs of sustaining democracy in the Soviet Union and supporting UN troops in Yugoslavia, Cambodia, & El Salvador.

 Did you get that? Biden said that U.S. tax dollars that were allocated to the Pentagon for the U.S. military should have been diverted to the UN to meet the more urgent needs of sustaining democracy in the Soviet Union and supporting UN troops in Yugoslavia, Cambodia, & El Salvador.

 A little more than a year after he wrote the article in the Wall Street Journal, July 14, 1993, Biden introduced Senate Resolution 112 calling upon President Clinton to initiate discussions to establish a standing UN Army.

 Under Biden’s proposal to elevate the UN to a position over these United States, US military bases and facilities would be made available to train UN Soldiers and the President of these United States would not have to obtain the authorization of Congress to make American troops, facilities, or other assistance available to the UN Security Council when they requested such assistance. Such an act obviously renders our Constitution, the supreme law of our land, totally irrelevant.

 Joe Biden, the friend of the little people, is totally on board with the New World Order.


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