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More Than 2 Choices For President of These United States?

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By Brian K. Lutes

 We have more than 2 choices for President of these United States, but it is THE HARD TRUTH that in reality we do not.

The Libertarian Party candidate for President is a former Congressman and US Attorney Bob Barr of Georgia. Barr was a stellar conservative in his time in Congress and was a leader in the fight to impeach Bill Clinton. He would be an excellent President as in every interview I have heard him give his first answer when asked what he would do in a given situation is “well, the CONSTITUTION says…” and he has immense respect for the 2nd Amendment. In addition he understands that the Federal government has tremendously overstepped its bounds and needs to be reigned in drastically as well as we must get out of the United Nations.

The Constitution Party’s candidate for President is Chuck Baldwin. I believe Mr. Baldwin would also be an excellent President as he understands that before the President can do anything he must first look to the Constitution for authority. He believes that the Federal government must be re-chained to the Constitution as intended by our Founding Fathers.

However, in reality they won’t win and therein lies the horror of our situation.

I am sickened by both the Republican & Democratic candidates for President this year, but I am more sickened by the fact that I will probably be forced to cast my ballot not so much in favor of McCain, but against Obama.

It sickens me because I have never been a believer in picking the lesser of 2 evils, but come on, is there really a choice here? No! Obama is a straight up communist. He doesn’t even try to hide it.  I believe he will make short shrift of what little is left of our “limited constitutional republic” by installing Hillary Clinton & Chuck Schumer on the US Supreme Court which means we can all kiss our guns goodbye. And, he will quickly signing the Global Poverty Act that he introduced in the Senate and will be passed by the Democratically controlled Congress. This act will require billions of our tax dollars to be given to the United Nations automatically every year to combat “global poverty”. The man will simply be the final nail in all of our coffins.

As for McCain, he’s got Sarah Palin and not much else as far as I’m concerned. If not for the possibility of her taking over for him I just don’t think I could pull his lever. Think about it: McCain authored the McCain – Feingold Act that virtually eliminates political free speech in the days just before an election. President Bush, never a conservative himself, said the only reason he signed the bill was because he believed the Supreme Court would throw it out as unconstitutional. Well they didn’t you asshole! If he believed the bill was not in compliance with our Constitution he should have vetoed it on the spot, but I digress.

And, let’s not forget that McCain was a huge advocate for the illegal alien amnesty last summer and very distinctly said “we’re not going to build fences and barriers at the border”. Does anyone think that McCain won’t give amnesty to the illegals if he is elected? In addition McCain supported  what has come to be known as the “economic bailout” for which there is absolutely no authority in the Constitution. Then in the last debate he suggested that the Federal government buy up $300 billion worth of mortgages that are in default. In many respects he is Obama-lite.

Alas, I will be pulling the lever for McCain in just a few days with the hope that he will not sit long on the throne.


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  1. McCain and Obama as persons are both personable in their own ways, but both have gone along with gutting the 4th Amendment, and both go along with the massive bailouts that harm our nation at its foundation.

    Rather than vote for one of them because the other candidates are not viewed as viable for election, stand your ground and pick one who does address the serious problems of the fraud that has put the nation and world into economic crisis.

    If you know the two parties are perpetuating lawlessness and overthrowing the Constitution it makes sense to use the vote to reject them both.

    Saying that does not matter on a pragmatic level is giving away your vote altogether.

    You might as well vote for what is right.


    October 10, 2008 at 10:28 am

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