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Obama Reincarnation of Roosevelt?

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By Brian K. Lutes

It is The Hard Truth that Barack Obama apparently fancies himself as the reincarnation of Franklin Roosevelt.

I watched Obama’s speech about our current “economic crisis” from the Senate yesterday recognizing that his whole presentation just dripped with socialism, but then he put the cherry on top and invoked the god of American socialism, Franklin Roosevelt.

The fact that so many people don’t seem to recognize the socialist bent that is Obama shows just how successful the people who set out back in the 1930s to remake our Constitutional Republic with a government of limited powers and individual responsibility into a social democracy where the “citizens” look to government for the very air they breathe have been.

Like most everyone that took to the microphone in the Senate, Obama stressed that if the “bailout” wasn’t approved it was likely that the sun wouldn’t come out. But then he went one step further and brought up Roosevelt, a move that will probably secure him 99% of the vote in Fayette County, PA, where I grew up.

The messiah that is Obama quoted FDR as saying in his first “fireside chat”: There are elements of our financial system that are more important than currency and even gold; Those elements are confidence & courage. Confidence & courage are “essential in carrying out our plan”. He then intimated that we, the people, must be made to have confidence & courage in this plan which is not much different than FDR’s plan which in many ways is why we are in this situation.

“Essential in carrying out our plan”? The plan was to begin the transformation of our capitalist economic system into a socialist system in which government would have it’s filthy fingers in every-body’s pies. It worked and is still working.

First, it must be noted that FDR himself said: “Nothing in politics happens by accident. If it happens, you can damn well bet it was meant to happen”. Probably the only truthful thing he ever said and yet nobody I’ve met has heard it.

Following the “great depression” which was intentionally created, FDR oversaw the creation of a multitude of new federal agencies and expanded the reach of government to unprecedented levels. Possibly the most famous Roosevelt agency was the “Works Progress Administration” (WPA). This agency gathered up the unemployed, gave them uniforms, and “paid” them to build roads, bridges, parks, dams, etc. The WPA also undertook a massive propaganda campaign to tell the American people how great the program was and that without it many of them wouldn’t have a job.

This propaganda campaign was wildly successful and completely fooled most people into never asking where the money for their jobs was coming from. They never realized that they were dogs chasing their own tails. In essence they were paying themselves and never getting ahead. It was socialism plain and simple and if you were listed as a Roosevelt opponent in political circles you were flat out of luck.

There were Americans who recognized what was going on and challenged the constitutionality of Roosevelt’s agencies in court and many of them were declared to be unconstitutional by the courts. This caused Roosevelt to try to change the makeup of the US Supreme Court by trying to get the Congress to give him the power to “pack the court”. By “packing the court” it is meant that FDR wanted the authority to appoint enough additional justices to the court that he would have enough votes on the court to outvote the justices that had declared his agencies to be illegal. The fact that his agencies were declared to be illegal and in violation of the constitution he swore to uphold didn’t faze him a bit or make him realize that what he was doing was wrong. It made him angry and wanted to circumvent the court and thereby the constitution.

Prior to invoking Roosevelt by name Obama invoked FDR in spirit with talk of “creating millions of jobs rebuilding our roads, bridges, and our electric grids”. An Obama Works Progress Administration?


We did not get into this mess by the natural progression of things. Capitalism is not responsible despite our handlers saying it is. Lax enforcement of regulations in the banking industry is not responsible. The very people coming to our rescue and yes, FDR, are responsible to a large extent. But the ultimate responsibility belongs to us, the people.

We are responsible because we stopped paying attention to what our employees in Washington were doing. We allowed ourselves to become ignorant of our Constitutions and the principles on which our founding fathers established these United States. We allowed ourselves to get comfortable with the idea that our government will always save us no matter what stupid things we do.

This current “crisis” was created by the socialist programs that Obama, following FDR’s guide, and his fellow Senators like Chris Dodd and Representative Barney Frank, an open sodomite, pushed on banks to force them to give home loans to people who didn’t qualify for them through the language of the 1977 “Community Reinvestment Act”. The act basically forces banks and other lenders to loan money to people they normally would not or face being drug into court under the charge of racism and discrimination.

When the banks still hesitated the government, again in the spirit of FDR, created two government corporations, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, to “guarantee” the loans the same government insisted be made to people who were not qualified. This tells me that the government knew a large percentage of people were going to default on the loans and they did. Now, this has all come crashing down as socialism always does.

Obama is not the reincarnation of Roosevelt. He is much, much worse.


2 Responses

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  1. The ground is being plowed for him as we speak. We need to fight the Bailout. We still have a chance to be sure it doesn’t get through the House. See


    October 2, 2008 at 1:06 pm

  2. The human gift of self reliance is slowly slipping away. My parents both lived through the Great Depression, and are among the brainwashed and conditioned flock of sheep that continue to worship at the alter of FDR, and now Obama. That group seems to be growing, and I am sad and disappointed by those in my generation that have taken up the torch. The Soviet flag was well on display in the huge throngs of Obama supporters. When I point this out to my family, they act as though I have just blasphemed The Masiah, and continue to be in total denial. I won’t give up trying to educate them, maybe some day they will come to their senses.

    Joan Lutz

    November 10, 2008 at 3:58 pm

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