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Welcome to the United Socialsit States of America

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The Communist Manifesto was written by Karl Marx, a hero to far too many people holding positions of power in our government, as an instruction manual on how to turn a country based on a capitalist economic system into a country based on a socialist / communist based economic system.

The Manifesto consists of 10 “planks” that must be implemented for the transition to be successful and all of the planks have been implemented here in the USSA. The latest plank to be cemented is the one that calls for all credit to be controlled by the state (government).

This has been done with the latest government bail out of the financial concerns. Of course, the need for the “bail-out” was precipitated by the same government that is now coming to the rescue. The same government officials that are taking center stage as our saviors are the reason this situation exists. It was Franklin Roosevelt that said “Nothing in politics happens by accident; If it happens, you can damn well be sure it was meant to happen”! This is no exception.

The socialists that we have allowed to worm their way into our government told the banks that they had to lend money to what they called the “underserved & the less fortunate”. In reality, these people did not qualify for loans in the real world financial markets so the banks & mortgage companies told the government that if they insisted that the “underserved” be given loans that they would need assurances they would get their money back so the government created Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, government owned mortgage corporations that bought the mortgages of those “underserved” people.

Now we have the result, and yes, it is by design as it gives the government even more control of the economy. I refer you back to the latest plank of the manifesto mentioned above.

One thing I learned when running for office was that politicians often have ideas they want to implement, but there is no reason to implement them. So they create a problematic situation that can only be solved by implementing their ideas.

This is exactly what has been done here.


Written by bkl1

September 19, 2008 at 10:23 pm

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