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America or AMERIKA?

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 I often wonder how many people realize that we no longer live in the United States of America as we now live in the United Socialist States of Amerika and it never fails to amaze me how few do realize that hard truth.

Yes our handlers have been incredibly successful, beyond even their own wildest dreams I think, at changing our mindset, our very thought processes, about the basic Christian principles our uniquely American way of life was founded on.

 Our Founding Fathers looked to God for guidance and openly said that our system of governance was for a moral people only. They warned against turning away from those principles as they had seen first hand what happened when people turned away from Christianity; They knew that there were and would be individuals that would seize upon that failing to look to God to substitute their morality for his and open the door to our destruction.

But, alas, this is what we have allowed to happen. We have allowed people to tell us of a Constitutional “separation of church & state” when none exists. We have allowed people to tell us that it is morally correct to legalize same sex “marriages” when it is not. We have allowed people to tell us that we have to give up some freedoms to be protected when we do not. We have allowed people to tell us that it is “right & just” to use the power of government to take hard earned money out of the pockets of the productive and give it to the unproductive when it is not.

Because we have allowed these things we are and will continue to pay a heavy price and we will see the transformation,  which we are witnessing right now, of what we called America into AMERIKA.

It will be a land where our children are made to become comfortable with the government “patting them down” to go to school; Our elderly will be made to sit on the floors of our airports and show their government protectors the insides of their shoes.

Think about it!


Written by bkl1

September 18, 2008 at 8:45 pm

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