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The Greatest Generation That Wasn’t

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By Brian K. Lutes

The information & commentary in this article is not meant in any way to demean or disrespect anyone who has served this country in uniform. The people who responded to what they believed was a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by immediately enlisting in the military and voluntarily putting their lives at risk are truly heroes who can never be paid the debt we owe them.

However, that being said, they were horribly misled, lied to, and even tricked into doing what they did and most of them that are still with us continue to be misled, but now it is voluntary.

It is THE HARD TRUTH that many will not accept the truth that the “Greatest Generation” described by Tom Brokaw as the generation that “won the war” was nothing of the kind.

The sad truth is that the Greatest Generation That Wasn’t, the generation that fell to their knees to worship at the feet of the Communist / Socialist Franklin D. Roosevelt and the treasonous George C. Marshall, allowed themselves to be tricked & manipulated into war, thanked their heroes for sending them to their deaths, came home, impregnated their wives & bore the most selfish individuals, (with the exception of my mother and her sisters),  the “baby boomers”, our country has ever seen, and then went completely to sleep not paying attention to what was really going on in their government.

And now, after all of what I have just said has been proven, do they try to help clean up the mess they have saddled us with? No! They just get extremely angry and tell us we owe them something.

I agree and here is what you are owed: THE HARD TRUTH, so here it is.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was an adulterer who manipulated you into suffering through “The Great Depression” which he and his co-conspirators, with help from the Federal Reserve, intentionally created so they could implement the first attack on the capitalist economic system that all communists hate because it represents the freedom for individuals to be all they can without the government’s help. This same plan further enriched the Federal Reserve. And, oh by the way, there is nothing “federal” about the Federal Reserve. It is a privately held bank with stockholders who are paid dividends; that’s right, big, nasty profits.

The Federal Reserve was enriched by FDR’s Executive Order # 6102 issued on April 5, 1933 in which he made it illegal for individuals to possess gold and required American citizens to deliver on or before May 1, 1933 to a Federal Reserve bank all gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates owned by them.

In exchange for their gold Americans were given Federal Reserve Notes; pieces of paper issued by a private bank and intrinsically worthless. You could just about call it robbery by executive order as any Americans who dared keep their own property, their gold, could be fined $ 10,000, imprisoned for 10 years, or both. What a hero!

But prior to stealing the gold, private property of American citizens, Roosevelt refused to implement steps suggested by President Hoover that would have prevented “The Great Depression”. For if the “Depression” were prevented FDR and his pals wouldn’t have reasons to implement their socialist solutions to the problems they created which enabled them to begin the demise of capitalism in the USA.

Then, when the socialist policies they implemented began to fail as they always do, FDR got together with Marshall & Co. and manipulated the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor so they would have an excuse to enter the war. The plan worked perfectly.

In the years since, records have been released that proved FDR & Marshall knew every move the Japanese were making and that they knew well in advance that the “attack on Pearl” was coming, the US had cracked the Japanese radio code and listened to every word they said, and deliberately didn’t notify our military leaders at Pearl, US Army Lieutenant General Walter Short & US Navy Admiral Husband Kimmel, who have been cleared of any wrongdoing or incompetence.

In fact, the Army & Naval Boards of Inquiry that investigated the Pearl Harbor attack to learn why we were not prepared for the “surprise” openly stated that Kimmel & Short were not told of the impending attack even though Washington knew it was coming.

Then, after the war, the same “Greatest Generation” stood by silently as Roosevelt literally handed Eastern Europe to the Communist Stalin and Russia on a silver platter. And, as if that weren’t enough, the vaunted George Marshall went to China and ordered Chiang Kai-shek to form a coalition government with the Communist Mao Tse-tung. When Chiang refused, Marshall disallowed supplies to Chiang’s troops and the Communists took China while Chiang fled to the Island of Formosa. Today we call it Taiwan.

After all of this there is still more. Following Roosevelt’s death, Communist in waiting Harry S. Truman slid into the Oval Office and allowed the United Nations, a thoroughly Anti-American organization designed to be a world government, to take root in New York of all places.

Not long after Truman’s UN stupidity, the Korean War started with the Communists Marshall installed in China supplying the North Koreans. But, the grand finale of treachery of the heroes of the “Greatest Generation” is this: General Douglas MacArthur, possibly the greatest military mind our country has seen, put forth plans to defeat not only the North Koreans, but the Chinese as well, but Truman wouldn’t let him carry them out. When MacArthur went public Truman fired him and the “Greatest Generation” did nothing.

 That’s right, the only reason that there are Communists in China, Russia (no, they never really went away), even Cuba, is because of the “Greatest Generation That Wasn’t”.

The information in this article can be found by anyone interested in knowing the truth from multiple sources including the US government, but the most concise and incredibly well documented source of information is Robert B. Stinnett’s “Day of Deceit” (ISBN 0-684-85339-6 (hc)). In addition, “The New American” magazine is an excellent resource as well.  Also, please see Whistleblower magazine of November 2007 “Did The Federal Reserve Cause The Great Depression?” pages 35-38.


Do Not Talk To The Police!

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By Brian K. Lutes

It is THE HARD TRUTH that In my 6 years of working as a law enforcement officer I never ceased to be amazed at how stupid the average criminal suspect was and how ignorant they were of their Constitutionally protected rights.

Naturally with a background in law enforcement I am drawn to television shows such as COPS and one of the absolute best real life police programs I have ever watched, The First 48 on the A&E network. The program airs on Tuesday & Thursday evenings.

The cameras go along with real Homicide Detectives as they investigate murders. There are no actors, no reenactments, no scripts. Just plenty of stupid, most often guilty, suspects.

The First 48 is so entitled because most murders are solved within the first 48 hours of their commission. If a murder is not solved within that time frame the chances that the culprit will be caught are cut in half. That is a fact.

One of the things that strikes me in watching the Detectives go about trying to solve the case is how often the police have absolutely no hard evidence against their suspects. By hard evidence I mean fingerprints, DNA, gun shot residue on hands, eyewitness identifications, etc.

Most often the police get “tips” from acquaintances of the victim that the victim had an argument with someone recently or they recently broke up with a boyfriend or some other small piece of information that the detectives use to go talk with the suspects.

Most often the Detectives ask the suspects to come to the police station to “talk” with them and answer a few simple questions. By the time the Detectives get to their “suspects” they have formed an opinion as to the guilt or innocence of the person, but do not have enough evidence to arrest, let alone convict, them and need the “suspect” to talk (confess).

This is where the stupidity steps up front & center. Almost every time the “suspect” voluntarily shows up at the police station to “talk” with the police. Now keep in mind that the “suspect” knows they committed the crime. The police think the guy did it, but they don’t know for sure. But the “suspect” knows for sure they did it and yet they show up voluntarily. This is just plain stupid!

The detectives get their suspect in the office, offer them coffee or soda and make small talk to make the guy comfortable. They will then begin talking about the case and say what a shame it is that this crime happened and how the victim didn’t deserve what happened to them. Now remember that the police most often have no actual evidence against the guy at this point, but they tell him they do and that they know he committed the crime. They will then tell the suspect that they want to help him get this off his chest and “things will go easier on you if you confess”. All of which are lies and the part about things going easier on them may be illegal under the PA cases of Commonwealth v. Gibbs, 520 Pa. 151, 553 A.2d 409 (1989) & Commonwealth v. Purnell, 412 Pa. Super. 462, 603 A.2d 1028 (1992).

However, the police are legally allowed to lie about the evidence they have against a suspect in their efforts to get a suspect to confess according to a ruling by the US Supreme Court in the case of Oregon v. Mathiason,  429 U.S. 492, 97 S. Ct. 711 (1977) and lie they will.

Most often the suspect will begin crying and that is when the Detective will move closer to the suspect and tell them “I know this is hard” and put his hand on the suspects shoulder so it seems that he cares.

Now, this is the very important part because the suspect is not under arrest at this point and the Detective has NOT ASKED HIM ANY QUESTIONS DESIGNED TO ILLICIT AN INCRIMINATING RESPONSE. Therefore the police do not have to tell the suspect that he has a right to remain silent, does not have to talk to them, has the right to an attorney as laid out in the case of Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436, 86 S.Ct. 1602 (1966) and in fact can get up and walk out of the police station.

But, does the idiot “suspect” ask the Detective if he is under arrest? Does he ask for a lawyer? NO! The idiot spills his guts and admits to everything because he believed the Detective when he said he had evidence against him. The idiot “suspect” would never have been tricked if he had not talked to the police, which he did not have to do.

My point with this is: Our freedoms as Americans are protected to a tremendous degree thanks to our Founding Fathers writing our Constitutions with a healthy fear of an overbearing government that did not recognize some of the rights we enjoy such as the right against self incrimination (5th Amd .of the US Constitution & Article 1, Section 9 of the PA Constitution), the right against unreasonable search & seizure (4th Amd. of the US Constitution & Article 1, Section 8 of the PA Constitution), and many others. And, as a result we do not have to talk to the police so DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE! Especially if you committed the crime.

Now, please understand that I have no desire to see criminals, especially murderers, go free in any way. But it pains me greatly to see my fellow Americans, good, bad , or ugly, totally ignorant of the protections and rights that our Founding Fathers handed down to us and thousands of our soldiers have died for.

There is a reason it is very hard for our law enforcement agencies to deprive us of our freedoms and hard earned money. That reason is because we are a free people blessed by God to live in a Constitutional Republic where our government can exercise only the very few and well defined powers that we the people have delegated to it. This cannot continue if we are ignorant of our rights and too stupid to know that we do not have to talk to the police.

Arrest for Obama Threats Leads to Questions

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By Brian K. Lutes

The recent arrest of a North Carolina man for allegedly threatening to kill Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama (please see “NC Man Arrested, Jailed for Supposedly Threatening Obama” posted 9-23-08) has led me to ask a few questions and make a few observations.

Q: Just where does the US Secret service get the authority to protect “Major” presidential candidates?

 A: Section 3056, Sub-Section A7 of Title 18 of the US Code (18 USC 3056 A7) says: “Under the direction of the Secretary of Homeland Security, the US Secret Service is authorized to protect the following persons: “Major” presidential & vice presidential candidates within 120 days of  a general presidential election.

Q: Where does the US Secret Service get the authority to arrest someone for “threatening” a “Major” presidential candidate?

A: Section 3056, sub-section b1 of Title 18 of the US Code (18 USC 3056 b1) says: “Under the direction of the Secretary of Homeland Security the US Secret Service is authorized to detect & arrest any person who violates” certain sections of the US Code.

Q: Who decides what candidates for the office of President are “Major” candidates for the purposes of Secret Service protection?

A: Section 3056, Sub-section A7 of Title 18 of the US Code (18 USC 3056 A7) says:”Major Presidential & Vice Presidential candidates will be identified by the Secretary of Homeland Security after consultation with an advisory committee consisting of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Minority Leader of the House, the Majority & Minority Leaders of the Senate, & 1 additional member selected by the above listed members of the committee. * This section also says that the advisory committee shall NOT be subject to the Federal Advisory Committee Act (5 USC Appendix 2) which requires, among other things: that “Congress and the public should be kept informed with respect to the number, purpose membership, activities, and costs of committees.”

Q: What can happen to someone who interferes with the Secret Service while they are protecting the President, Vice President, other person?

A: Section 3056, Sub-section d of Title 18 of the US Code (18 USC 3056d) says: “Whoever knowingly & willfully obstructs, resists, or interferes with a federal law enforcement agent engaged in the performance of the protective functions authorized by this section or section 1752 of this title shall be fined not more than $1,000 or imprisoned not more than 1 year or both.

Q: Can the Secret Service order me to stay out of a particular building or area of a building or grounds?

A: Yes. Section 1752, Sub-section A1 of Title 18 of the US Code (18 USC 1752 a1) says: “it shall be unlawful for any person or group of people to willfully or knowingly to enter or remain in any posted, cordoned off, or otherwise restricted area of a building or grounds where the President or other person protected by the Secret service is, or will be, visiting.

Q: Can the US Secret Service give me a traffic ticket?

A: No; At least not in Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania supreme Court in the case of Commonwealth v. Price,543 Pa. 403, 672 A.2d 280 (1996), held that federal agents are not authorized under either state or federal law nor under common law to make warrant-less arrests for traffic or for misdemeanor crimes. Federal agents are “authorized to make warrant-less arrests only where he has reasonable grounds to believe that the person has committed or is committing any felonycognizable under the laws of the United States (Federal)” as per section 3052 of Title 18 of the US Code(18 USC 3052).

Written by bkl1

September 24, 2008 at 5:51 pm

NC Man Arrested, Jailed For Supposedly Threatening Obama

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A Charlotte, NC man has been arrested & jailed for supposedly threatening to kill Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama.

According to the federal criminal complaint (case # 3:08-mj-164) filed on August 12, 2008 at the US Federal Courthouse for the Western District of North Carolina in Charlotte by US Secret Service Special Agent Sean Leddy, Jerry Michael Blanchard, 48, of 1227 Flat Rock Road in Charlotte was charged with violating  Section 879 of Title 18 of the United States Code (18 USC 879) which makes it illegal to make “Threats Against Former Presidents & Certain Other Persons.”

According to the criminal complaint Blanchard was arrested after the Secret Service conducted two seperate investigations into threats allegedly made against Obama by Blanchard.

In the first alleged instance of threats made by Blanchard, Special Agent Leddy states that his office was contacted by a male who is identified in the criminal complaint only as “CW-2”, this term usually means confidential witness #2, on July 15, 2008 after “CW-2” and an associate were eating breakfast at a Waffle House restaurant on Pineville-Matthews Road in Charlotte when they were approached by a man later identified as Blanchard who asked “CW-2” if they had met before because “CW-2” looked familiar to him.

“CW-2” states that a conversation between the three individuals ensued and Blanchard stated “I’m worth $50 million dollars, I have a plane and can get a jet…Obama and his wife are never going to make it into the White House… he needs to be taken out and I can do it in a heartbeat and I might anyway…that man will never know what hit him…I hate that man with a passion…I just may do that, I’ve got the money and the clout to do that…”

The other individual in the conversation, identified only as “CW-1” claims to have heard Blanchard state that it was his intention to purchase a .40 caliber Ruger pistol from Hyatt Gun Shop in Charlotte.

Both the “CWs” stated, according to the complaint, that Blanchard told them he was a Certified Public Accountant and that “CW-1” asked Blanchard for his name & telephone # prior to his leaving the Waffle House ‘under the guise’ that “CW-1” was looking for a new accountant and might want to hire Blanchard and Blanchard provided “CW-1” with his name & cell phone #.

Special Agent Leddy goes on to state that he later showed both “CW-1 & 2” a photograph of Jerry M. Blanchard and both individuals positively identified Blanchard as the man who made the threatening statements about Obama to them. Leddy does not say in the complaint where he obtained photographs of Blanchard, but Blanchard does have several arrests in Mecklenburg County, NC for drunk driving and driving without a license and the photographs could have been uncovered through public records searches.

Leddy states that he located and interviewed Blanchard, the complaint does not state where or when,  and Blanchard denied making any threats toward Obama, but that Blanchard did tell him that he was considering purchasing a .40 caliber Ruger for self-defense purposes,  and that he (Blanchard) stated that he believed Obama to be the “Anti-Christ” as prophesied in the Bible’s Book of Revelation.

Leddy also states that he informed Blanchard that it was a violation of federal law to threaten Obama and that Blanchard acknowledged that he understood and again denied making any threats to Obama.

In the second alleged instance of threats made by Blanchard, Leddy states in the complaint that on July 28, 2008 his office was contacted by an employee of the Crown Plaza Hotel, identified only as “CW-3”, in Charlotte who reported that he went into the lobby restroom of the hotel around 8:45 AM and overheard a man talking on a cell phone who said: “I’ll get a .40 cal Ruger and a .50 cal sniper rifle and take care of it myself. I can get a $3,000 laser scope that will let me take the center out of a quarter from 2 miles away. Somebody has got to do it” and “we both know that Obama is the Anti-Christ.”

“CW-3” told Leddy, according to the complaint, that after overhearing the man on the cell phone he went into the hotel lobby and waited for the man to exit the restroom and observed the man stay in the lobby, still on the phone, for 15 to 20 minutes. “CW-3” said that another hotel employee told him that the man on the phone had been “thrown out” of the hotel due to intoxication at a July 4, 2008 party and that the employee remembered the man’s name as Blanchard.

“CW-3” stated that he approached the man and asked if he could help him prompting the man to leave the hotel. “CW-3” said that a short time later the man approached him outside the hotel and asked if he could speak with him. During the conversation the man, according to “CW-3”, said: “I have an application for a .40 caliber Ruger and a .50 caliber sniper rifle. I will get a $3,000 laser scope for that rifle and I can take the center out of a quarter from 2 miles away” and “I believe Obama is planning to outlaw the ownership of firearms and said he had filed a $50 million lawsuit against the federal government.”

Leddy stated in the complaint that “CW-3” identified a photograph of Blanchard as the man he heard make the threatening statements against Obama.

Leddy states that he has interviewed several former colleagues and “other individuals with personal connections to Blanchard” that have confirmed Blanchard has developed a serious alcohol abuse problem and that he has demonstrated unusual behavior since recently sustaining serious head injuries and that he finds the information provided by witnesses and “other individuals” to be accurate and that he has corroborated “much of the information by reviewing various documents including criminal background checks and ‘open source databases.”

Mr. Blanchard was incarcerated in the Mecklenburg County jail on August 4, 2008 at 7:48 PM and released into Federal custody on September 23, 2008 at 9:20 AM. According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons web-site Blanchard was “in transit” as of this writing.

Please see my additional articles on this subject.

Written by bkl1

September 23, 2008 at 6:24 pm

Police Drunk With Power? Yes!

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I recently visited a local courthouse to do some research and before leaving I went into one of the courtrooms to observe the proceedings.

While waiting for the session to start I observed a Deputy Sheriff approach a woman sitting in the courtroom reading a newspaper. The woman was simply sitting in the room waiting for the court session to start. She was not talking to anyone or making a sound whatsoever. She was simply reading a newspaper in a room open to the public and court was not in session.

The Deputy told the woman she was not permitted to read the newspaper in the courtroom and that the only materials that could be read in the courtroom were court related materials. When the woman’s husband asked the Deputy what the problem was, the Deputy responded by telling the husband that it was none of his business. When the husband asked again the Deputy told him that it was against a court rule for materials other than court papers to be read in a courtroom. When the husband asked what court rule? The Deputy became very agitated and told the husband to step outside the courtroom.

Out in the hall the husband again asked what court rule? and pointed out that the court was not in session and asked if court rules applied when the court was not in session. The Deputy had no idea how to respond to the situation and threatened to arrest the husband. When the husband asked  what he would be arrested for the Deputy was completely stumped and even angrier than before.

In the end, the husband was not arrested, but he and the wife were made to leave the courtroom and sit on a bench in the hallway until the husband’s case was called. It turns out that the husband was a defendant in an assault case. He was found not guilty.

The issue here is that a law enforcement officer, an individual with the power to deprive a citizen of his liberty, felt it was OK to command a citizen to stop reading a newspaper in a public area and then threaten to arrest another citizen because he dared question the the command. And, the Deputy could not cite the “court rule” he said gave him the “authority” to give the command.

Drunk with power? Yes!

Written by bkl1

September 19, 2008 at 11:00 pm

Welcome to the United Socialsit States of America

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The Communist Manifesto was written by Karl Marx, a hero to far too many people holding positions of power in our government, as an instruction manual on how to turn a country based on a capitalist economic system into a country based on a socialist / communist based economic system.

The Manifesto consists of 10 “planks” that must be implemented for the transition to be successful and all of the planks have been implemented here in the USSA. The latest plank to be cemented is the one that calls for all credit to be controlled by the state (government).

This has been done with the latest government bail out of the financial concerns. Of course, the need for the “bail-out” was precipitated by the same government that is now coming to the rescue. The same government officials that are taking center stage as our saviors are the reason this situation exists. It was Franklin Roosevelt that said “Nothing in politics happens by accident; If it happens, you can damn well be sure it was meant to happen”! This is no exception.

The socialists that we have allowed to worm their way into our government told the banks that they had to lend money to what they called the “underserved & the less fortunate”. In reality, these people did not qualify for loans in the real world financial markets so the banks & mortgage companies told the government that if they insisted that the “underserved” be given loans that they would need assurances they would get their money back so the government created Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, government owned mortgage corporations that bought the mortgages of those “underserved” people.

Now we have the result, and yes, it is by design as it gives the government even more control of the economy. I refer you back to the latest plank of the manifesto mentioned above.

One thing I learned when running for office was that politicians often have ideas they want to implement, but there is no reason to implement them. So they create a problematic situation that can only be solved by implementing their ideas.

This is exactly what has been done here.

Written by bkl1

September 19, 2008 at 10:23 pm

America or AMERIKA?

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 I often wonder how many people realize that we no longer live in the United States of America as we now live in the United Socialist States of Amerika and it never fails to amaze me how few do realize that hard truth.

Yes our handlers have been incredibly successful, beyond even their own wildest dreams I think, at changing our mindset, our very thought processes, about the basic Christian principles our uniquely American way of life was founded on.

 Our Founding Fathers looked to God for guidance and openly said that our system of governance was for a moral people only. They warned against turning away from those principles as they had seen first hand what happened when people turned away from Christianity; They knew that there were and would be individuals that would seize upon that failing to look to God to substitute their morality for his and open the door to our destruction.

But, alas, this is what we have allowed to happen. We have allowed people to tell us of a Constitutional “separation of church & state” when none exists. We have allowed people to tell us that it is morally correct to legalize same sex “marriages” when it is not. We have allowed people to tell us that we have to give up some freedoms to be protected when we do not. We have allowed people to tell us that it is “right & just” to use the power of government to take hard earned money out of the pockets of the productive and give it to the unproductive when it is not.

Because we have allowed these things we are and will continue to pay a heavy price and we will see the transformation,  which we are witnessing right now, of what we called America into AMERIKA.

It will be a land where our children are made to become comfortable with the government “patting them down” to go to school; Our elderly will be made to sit on the floors of our airports and show their government protectors the insides of their shoes.

Think about it!

Written by bkl1

September 18, 2008 at 8:45 pm